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  • Screeding and levelling compounds
  • Internal and External
  • Liquid Flowscreeds

What is screed?

Screed describes a top layer of material (traditionally sand and cement), applied on site on top of the structural concrete or insulation, on top of which other finishing materials can be applied,  eg, tiles vinyl linoleum.Liquid or flowing screed is another alternative which as the name suggests is in liquid form and uses anhydrite cement instead of ordinary portland cement.The advantages of flowing screed are the speed of which it can be applied,example sand and cement 100m to 150m a day flowing screed 500m to 1000m per day.


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Our specialist flooring contractors have worked in all sectors of the construction industry.

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If you are looking for a range of screeding products and services such as; floor screeding, fast drying floor screeding, screed over underfloor heating, screed testing services or a screeding contractor that will help you, then you have come to the right website.

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We have 25 years expertise in all forms of Floorscreeding Self leveling floorscreeds Roofscreeds and Underfloor heating systems and screed packages.

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